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It’s 2019, and Mandy Moore has a rash. “I started getting these red splotchy, itchy, inflamed, and peeling spots all over my face,” she recalls. “I just assumed, ‘Well, I’m working a lot, I wear a lot of makeup. This probably has something to do with that.’”

It didn’t. Even after “throwing the kitchen sink” at the situation, the uncomfortable symptoms persisted. “[Finally], I was like, ‘Okay, I need to get a real doctor’s eyes on this.’” When she did, her dermatologist diagnosed her with atopic dermatitis—the most common form of eczema.

For many, the diagnosis might feel like a setback, but for Moore, it was a relief. As she puts it, “Once I knew what it was, I could move forward and understand what triggered it and how to prevent it.”

How Mandy Moore manages her eczema

Four years after that initial rash showed up, Moore’s gotten a pretty solid handle on how to deal. “My atopic dermatitis really flares up this time of year, as it starts to get colder and drier, so I know come winter I’m going to have to implement some different things that I don’t necessarily need to do year-round,” says Moore. This means stocking up on occlusive and skin-soothing ingredients ahead of the colder months as well as keeping her routine as streamlined as possible all year round.

These days, she keeps her regimen “pared down to a really manageable, easy, simple level,” she says. Think: fragrance-free formulations, more natural ingredients, and always having some Aquaphor ($13) on hand. She’s also a fan of Cerave products, particularly the brand’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($16) and Moisturizing Cream ($18), both of which are formulated to suit sensitive skin types and are packed with ultra-nourishing ceramides.