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How Our Top Affiliate Earned $6,622.01 in Affiliate Commissions Using Herculist

How to Generate Sales Using a Top Affiliate's Traffic Source


In this blog post, we will discuss a highly effective traffic source that one of our top affiliates has been using to generate a significant number of sales. Known as Hercules, this traffic source offers various advertising opportunities that can be utilized by affiliates of Classified Submissions. com to earn commissions. We will explore the different ways in which this traffic source can be leveraged and provide tips on how to approach incentivized traffic. So, let's dive in!

Understanding Hercules: 

Hercules is a secure list marketing website that has proven to be a successful traffic source for our top affiliate. Despite its initially complex interface, Hercules consistently delivers a substantial amount of traffic, resulting in 414 commissions for our affiliate. While our affiliate utilizes other methods as well, Hercules remains one of their primary traffic sources.

Marketing Opportunities on Hercules: 

One of the ways to generate traffic on Hercules is through their mailers, which include a credit mailer and a regular mailer. This incentivized traffic may not be solely interested in your offer, but it provides an opportunity to capture their attention and potentially make sales.

Earning Credits on Hercules: 

To use the credit mailer, you need a minimum of 500 credits. Hercules provides various ways to earn credits. By viewing ads and participating in activities on the site, you can accumulate credits fairly quickly. The process involves waiting for a timer to finish and moving on to the next credits website. While the ads you view may not be of personal interest, they still provide exposure to your own ad, increasing the likelihood of capturing attention.

Login Ads and Solo Email Packages: 

Hercules also offers login ads, where your full-page ad is displayed every time a member logs in. This type of ad ensures exposure to a wide audience. Additionally, you can explore solo email packages, which allow you to send targeted emails to the contact emails of Hercules members. These emails have less marketing saturation compared to the safe list emails, making them potentially more effective.

Approaching Incentivized Traffic: 

When dealing with incentivized traffic, it is crucial to focus on capturing attention rather than making immediate sales. Instead of trying to sell directly, offer something of value for free and encourage visitors to opt-in to your list. Avoid overwhelming them with information and focus on building a relationship through follow-up emails.

Utilizing the Landing Page: 

As an affiliate of Classified Submissions. com, you can leverage the landing page provided by the company. By adding your affiliate link to the landing page link, you can direct visitors to the page and set a cookie that ensures you receive commissions for any subsequent purchases. The landing page offers a compelling offer, such as $500 worth of professional marketing software for free, making it an effective tool for capturing leads.


Hercules has proven to be a successful traffic source for our top affiliate, generating a significant number of commissions. By utilizing the various advertising opportunities offered by Hercules and employing effective strategies to approach incentivized traffic, affiliates of Classified Submissions. com can also generate commissions. Remember to focus on capturing attention, providing value, and building relationships with your audience. With the right approach, you can leverage Hercules and other traffic sources to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts.

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