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The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Dry Skin, According to a Top Dermatologist

Topicals can only take you so far.

Whether you’re hangin’ at home or off on an adventure, the holiday season tends to come along with its fair share of reasons to indulge (it is the most wonderful time of year, after all). Whether you’re enjoying sugary cocktails, fun-filled late nights followed by little sleep, or tasty treats at the company Christmas party, your face is likely to pay a small price the next day. This temporary puffiness is, of course, nothing to worry about (it’ll likely be gone in 24 hours), but it’s such a common occurrence during this festive time that even dermatologists aren’t immune from dealing with it.

Shereene Idriss, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of PillowTalkDerm Skincare, says that indulging in too much alcohol, sugar, fried food, and dairy (also known as “everyone’s holiday menu”), can result in inflammation which is one of the worst things for your skin. “The result can be redness, increased swelling, and even exacerbation of conditions like rosacea and acne,” she warns. But with the proper recovery methods, you need not forego all the fun—just keep it in moderation, Dr. Idriss suggests. Read on for her go-to de-puffing tips so you can look fresh as a daisy… even after all that (delicious) egg nog.

1. Rolling

Dr. Idriss’s favorite way to tackle post-party puff is with her “baby”—The PillowtalkDerm Depuffer ($38)—which was designed with exactly that in mind.

“It was made to be your SOS product after late nights out indulging in yummy food and drinks, and will address both puffiness and redness,” she says, adding that it’s clinically proven to minimize under-eye swelling and relieve transient ruddiness with actives like arnica, Centella Asiatica and ash bark extract. She says that first thing in the morning—even before jumping in the shower, she rolls it on to get the benefits of the active ingredients so she’s ready for the day.

And if you don’t have her De-Puffer on hand, she suggests using cold spoons because they cost nothing and are accessible to everyone. Pro tip? Pair the spoons with any arnica or caffeine-infused formula you’ve already got in your collection to up their de-puffing prowess even further.


PillowTalkDerm, The Depuffer — $38.00


2. Lymphatic drainage

Dr. Idriss says that the holidays are a great time to treat yourself to a lymphatic drainage facial massage, which is shown to temporarily slim down treated areas by encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid. “Is it going to reverse the clock? No,” she says. “But it is at least going to make you look temporarily sculpted, as the whole point of lymphatic drainage is to keep that fluid moving.”

For those who don’t have access to a lymphatic massage parlor, at-home microcurrent devices like the ZIIP and NuFace are made for everyday use and can help define features. For a more affordable option, try a Gua Sha tool or jade roller, which can also aid in lymphatic drainage.


ZIIP, GX Kit — $495.00



NuFace, Mini Starter Kit — $220.00


3. Icing

If you’re in a post-party pinch and looking for a $0 fix, face icing—a centuries-old practice that’s recently picked up steam on social media–can come to the rescue. Simply grab some cubes (experts recommend wrapping them in gauze or using them over a sheet mask to avoid freezer burn) and massage them around your face in circular motions.

The cold temperatures will constrict blood vessels to reduce circulation and help with temporary swelling (which is the same concept behind icing an injury). Just be sure to keep the cubes moving, as keeping them in one spot could create micro-frost.

For a slightly fancier take on this traditional tip, try Sofie Pavitt’s Nice Ice Toner Pods ($68), which contain calming niacinamide and green tea extract and are meant to be kept in the freezer for an icy application, or invest in some ice globes that are specifically designed to be used on the face and will last you for many holiday seasons to come.


ZIIP, GX Kit — $495.00



NuFace, Mini Starter Kit — $220.00


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